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Partnerships for the future

We believe firmly that to achieve and succeed you need hard work and dedication. Status Construction ltd. also believe that to have the best impact on our growing economy and become the best our company we can be, we do it with joint partnerships. That's why we have joined with industry leaders in seizing opportunities and developing joint services to offer more services and the best the industry can offer in construction

Water Matrix is one of the fastest growing water management companies across North America. Their firm belief that water is the most valuable resource and implementing services for clients to help save time and money on water management services. 


Trinity Energy Solutions have been a industry leader with energy management solutions for clients across the GTA and southern Ontario. Delivering energy management monitoring, innovative mechanical solutions, and conservation service and incentive procurment

Coming Soon... We are excited to announce we are working on launching our partnership with BoneStructure! They are building homes with the vision of the future with design homes that will withstand the test of time!

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