Our construction managers work directly with you once your project is underway. Let them be your eyes and ears on site with updated procedure photos and videos. They will keep you informed on how our skilled trades worker are proceeding along your timeline, and when your material is onsite and installed.

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Build ground up

When you have the land and your design for your new custom home, all you can think about is when the move in date is. Status Construction Managers will set your timeline with you, detailing exactly each step of your projects scope is to be completed. 

They work hand in hand to communicate between our highly skilled construction trades workers and you to get your end product on time and in budget.

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build above

Each construction team specializes in areas and we have the specialty crew to take on your designer addition. With experiences adding additions that never look as if they were a afterthought to revolutionizing the 'new build addition' service, we are steps ahead of the competition in services for your project.

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build with inovation

As each renovation show and magazine demonstrates the latest in home building tech and products, we are always sourcing our own R&D for Status Construction. We implement new software and platforms to better design and construct clients homes. We lead by example of methods for Green building and Energy Efficiency. Our expert design team will option new products that have been fully researched and sourced for you to explore on your next project.

Contact our Status Green Construct team today to find out how we can provide you with a better carbon foot print or energy saving costs.

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